1/2 Shank 12mm End Milling Compound Trimming Cutter Solid Carbide Woodworking Milling Cutter with Bearing Profiling

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    Solid Carbide



    Number of Bits






    Shank Size



    1/2" (12.7mm)/12mm Optional



    Cutting Diameter



    1/2" 12.7mm/12mm Optional



    Cutting Length



     1-5/8" 41mm



    Overall Length






    Number of Flutes










     Stainless steel nut and stainless steel bearing have good durability



     This heavy-duty solid carbide compression-cut flush trim router bit features a 1-5/8" cutting length and double guide bearings secured with a lock nut. The overall length is 107.4mm with a 1/2" diameter and 1/2" shank.



     Spiral flush trim router bits work just like regular flush trim bits, but the spiral cutter reduces chipping. They work with plywood, MDF, solid woods, plastic laminates and non-ferrous metals like aluminum.




    Pack Included (1 Set):



    1x Milling Cutter




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