5.5mm Wire Stripper Vertical Horizontal Cable Sheath Stripping Knife Optical Cable Cable Opening Knife

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Product Name Wire Stripper
Product Specification 8mm-28.6mm
Cutting Depth 5.5mm
Number of Cutter Heads Single Head
Product Size  130 * 75 * 25.6mm
Product Weight 302g


- Sharp Blade. The blade made of high-quality metal has sharp edges and neat cuts

- Turning the nut. Adjustable gold guide wheel stripping outer diameter 8-286mm

- Knob nut. The blade can be rotated 90 ° to switch between longitudinal and circular cutting.

- Guide pulley. It can be adjusted by using the matting color knob to peel multi-core optical cables with different diameters.

Package Included:

1x Wire Stripper


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