PLUTO+ SDR AD9363 2T2R Radio SDR Transceiver Radio 70MHz-6GHz Software Defined Radio

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PLUTO+ SDR Transceiver Radio 70MHz-6GHz Software Defined Radio For Gigabit Ethernet Micro SD Card

Production Description:

PLUTO+ is a software-defined radio platform that supports 2TX and 2RX, supports Gigabit Ethernet and Micro SD card. It refers to the design for well-known ADI ADALM-PLUTO and improves its shortcomings.


- ADC/DAC: AD9363 (Can hack to AD9361 or AD9364)

- 2 Transmit, 2 Receiving channel

- RF Range: 70MHZ~6GHZ

- Ref Clock: VCTCXO 40MHZ 0.5ppm

- SOC: for Zynq7010 FPGA: 28k

- RAM: 512M

- FLASH: 32M

- USB: 2.0, support OTG

- Ethernet: 1000Mb

- Micro SD can use to boot

- DC IN: 5V±0.5V-2A microUSB



Please note that all IO levels are 1.8V.

When using the official firmware for ADI-PlutoSDR, please connect to URST-MI052.

When using Pluto+ firmware and need to support Ethernet, please connect URST-MIO46

When using SD card to boot, please connect SD-H to 1V8

When using JTAG to debug, please connect JTAG# to GND

Please connect EXCLK to GND when using external reference clock input


PTT Key Port:

- PTT drives optocouplers through GPIO0 (MI00), which requires an external relay or control circuit.


-At any time, you can press the DFU button and power on PLUTO+ again to enter the DFU mode, but you need to connect the URST jumper to MI052.

Ref CLK input IPEX:

- You can connect a cable to input an external high-precision reference clock for AD9363 through the IPEX interface.

- The main level should not exceed 3.3V, and the EXCLK jumper needs to be connected to GND to turn off the built-in clock

Calibrate the Frequency of Built-in VCTCXO:

-The frequency of the 40M clock can be fine-tuned by adjusting the adjustable resistor next to the VCTCXO, provided that you have a reference signal source.



Support booting via SD card, need to connect SD-H jumper to 1V8.

Package List:

- 1 x SDR Radio PLUTO+

- 2 x MicroUSB cable



- It is assembled and ready to use.

- SD card is not included in the package.

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