Surface Clamp Aluminum Alloy Woodworking MFT Table Hold Down Clamp for Woodworking Accessories

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Precision machined from brass, steel and anodized aluminum, this is a versatile work support and clamp. 

Material Aluminum alloy+Brass
Hole sizes 20mm/19mm(3/4")
Clamping throat depth 54mm
Board clamping thickness 94mm



1.Available for 19 or 20mm hole sizes

2.Wedging mechanism for firm anchorage.It firmly (horizontally or vertically) in material as thin as 16mm provided it will resist the expansion of the wedge, making it the perfect companion for your jigs and sub-tables. 

3.Clamp arm slides easily for gross adjustment when tilted but locks firmly at 90°,with a reach of 54mm,it will also clamp up to a thickness of 95mm.

4.The combined forces of the wedge hold activated by the top screw, firm lock on the shaft ridges via steel pins and the generous clamp screw give you excellent hands free holding power.


Package Included:

1X Surface Clamp


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