50K-500MHz Wideband Active Small Magnetic Loop Antenna LZ1AQ Amplifier HF AM FM VHF UHF SDR Receiver Radio Tescun Malahit

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50K-500MHz Wideband Active Small Magnetic Loop Antenna LZ1AQ Amplifier HF AM FM VHF UHF SDR Receiver Radio Tescun Malahit
Tip :This antenna does not include the 12V linear power supply, in order to better play the antenna effect, please purchase a high-quality power supply by yourself

This version of the small loop antenna is a small-size full-band loop magnetic field active receiving antenna.
The receiving frequency range is 50kHz to 500MHz, mainly by the top jumper board, small ring amplifier board,
Small loop coil, feeder, feeder and 12V linear power supply, among which the top jumper board
And there are several groups of switches on the small ring amplifier board, and different structures can be realized by adjusting the position of the switches.
The small loop antenna of the structure, in which the Mobius loop can achieve twice the voltage gain of the ordinary small loop;
The electric field shielding ring can effectively reduce the interference caused by the surrounding electric field, such as lightning, static electricity
Discharge, etc.; the structure of the unshielded ring is simple, and the whole small ring can be replaced by a thicker wire,
Simple size modification and easy erection. The installation and connection method of this version of the small loop antenna are as follows

This version of the small loop antenna is shippinglist :
1pcs small loop amplification board,
1pcs feeder,
1pcs top jumper board
2pcs small loop coils (RG402 coaxial cable)
1pcs 5-meter feeder cable
1pcs 1-meter feeder cable
2pcs non-marking adhesive hooks
not include the 12V linear power supply

The switch positions on the jumper board and the small ring amplifier board determine the structure of the small ring.
The structure jumper method is shown in the following figure:
1. Möbius ring switch configuration method

2. Electric field shielding ring switch configuration method

3. Configuration method of unshielded ring switch

4. This antenna amplifier test
The amplifier board in the flying fish version of the small loop antenna adopts the low noise amplification of the improved version LZ1AQ
implemented with a bandwidth from 50kHz to 500MHz, with a gain greater than 10dB, and a low
The input impedance (1.2Q@1MHz) effectively reduces the electric field interference. 12V linear
Power supply, the current does not exceed 150mA.
The specific test curve of the amplifier board is shown in the following figure:
Figure 1 Input impedance test curve

Figure 2 Output impedance test curve

Figure 3 Output noise floor test curve

Figure 4 Gain Test Curve 1

Figure 5 Gain Test Curve 2

5. This antenna feeder test
The feeder is mainly to supply power to the small loop antenna, and divide the radio frequency signal into it.
The most important indicators are the insertion loss of the feeder and the saturation of the inductor coil used by the feeder
current. The RF port of the power injector is connected to receiving equipment such as a radio or SDR, and the RF+DC end
The port is connected to the small loop antenna amplifier. It is strictly prohibited to reverse connection or short circuit if this port has a power supply (there is a
500mA self-recovery insurance, automatic protection after short circuit), DC port is connected to linear power supply,
The noise of this power supply will directly act on the antenna and affect the receiving performance. Linear power supply can be used.
Or battery pack powered. The actual photos and test curves of the specific feeder are shown in the following figure:
Figure 7 Feeder antenna end interface

Figure 8 Receiver Ports

Figure 9 Feeder Insertion Loss Test

6. Small loop antenna technical indicators:
Receiving frequency range: 50kHz to 500MHz
Gain: 17dB@10MHz
Output noise: -125dBm (@10MHz, BW=100Hz)
P1dB: +15.5dBm@10MHz
OIP3: +38dBm@10MHz
Supply Voltage: 9V to 12V
Supply Current: 130mA to 150mA
Antenna interface: SMA(M)
Output interface: SMA(F)
Small Ring Coaxial Cable Model: RG402
Small ring coaxial cable loss: 0.145dB/m
Small loop antenna diameter: 60cm

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